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29 Jul 2020

Dietetic video sessions continue & tech-tip to solve poor internet connections


Don’t let a poor internet connection prevent you from providing the most helpful and productive online therapy sessions possible.  No one wants to freeze or get cut off in the middle of an important conversation or meeting – it’s frustrating for everyone.  So if you or your clients are struggling to get a reliable internet connection, the following is one solution you may find helpful.


Step 1

Check your current wifi broadband speed using


Step 2

Use an internet cable to plug your computer directly into your wifi router.  Check your broadband speed again using  This is to figure out if your broadband speed is fine, but the problem is that your wifi signal is having trouble reaching your computer for some reason.


Step 3

Disconnect the wifi on your mobile phone, and check the broadband speed using the 3G or 4G network on your phone using


Step 4

Compare which speed is fastest – wifi, computer plugged in or 3G/4G network.


Step 5

If the 3G or 4G network is the fastest option (mine was WAY faster than my wifi/broadband speed), then consider the purchase of an unlocked, sim-free mifi.

A mifi is a secure, mobile, wifi hot spot about the size of your phone that you can take with you anywhere (perfect for when we’re back doing face-to-face visits).  I’ve also found it to be a lot more reliable than trying to tether the internet on my phone to my computer.  Amazon sells several mifi options, but click HERE for the one I’ve had the most luck with (I didn’t have any luck with the TPlink brand).


Step 6

Order a separate sim-card for your mifi and purchase a comprehensive data plan.  If you buy an unlocked, sim-free mifi, then you can use a sim card from any mobile provider.  If you just want something short term or don’t want to enter into a contract, is one option for contract-free, low cost data plans.


That’s it!


Specialist Nutrition Rehab continues to follow the COVID19 Guidance from the Institute for Registered Case Managers (IRCM) and is taking a “virtual first” approach – offering video/telephone sessions to all new clients for their initial assessment.  If it is determined at that appointment that the required information cannot be obtained using a virtual medium, then a risk assessment will take place to determine if there is sufficient justification to offer a home visit (following government guidance around personal protective equipment, hand hygiene and social distancing).  The client’s case manager will be involved in this process.


It is possible for all dietetic input to be offered by video if required (whether this is due to COVID-19 risk, financial reasons or geographic distance).  Dietitian sessions lend themselves beautifully to a virtual platform, because a “hands on” approach is not often required.  Almost all of the necessary information can be collected from the client, their support team and/or from the forms and food records sent out in advance.  If required, scales can also be ordered and shipped out to the client in advance of the appointment so that an accurate weight can be obtained.


To refer a new client for a virtual assessment, please email or call Sheri Taylor, Specialist Rehab Dietitian at 0121 384 7087.

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