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23 Apr 2020

Bored? Lonely? Unfit? (during lockdown) — Toolkits, links & resources to help clients manage


We’ve got at least another 2 weeks of lockdown to go!

  • What’s going well for you (and your clients) during the lockdown?
  • What’s the #1 challenge?
  • What new habit have you (or your clients) developed that you want to continue after the lockdown is over?


Based on the challenges people have shared with me so far, I’ve compiled my top 5 tips, tools and resources to help you (and your clients) cope.  If clients have their own multi-disciplinary team or Occupational Therapist, I’m sure they can offer something much more personalised, but here are a few links to get you started.  If you know of other resources which would be helpful, please share them so I can keep adding to this list!


1. Bored?  Here are some boredom-busting activities that clients can do at home.

Check out this post from Chatterbox for the most comprehensive list I’ve seen with links to free virtual tours, online learning, free streaming of musicals, books, podcasts, meditations, games and more!  Thank you to Catherine Birkett of Optimise Neurotherapy Centre for sharing this amazing resource that she found!  I think I might try a few of these myself.


2.  Lonely or struggling to cope? Here are some groups who will help clients connect with others.

While loneliness is a huge issue during lockdown, there are surprisingly few solutions for people (particularly younger people) who want to access a real live person to talk to (verus engaging in an online forum).   Not everyone has family/friends to connect with virtually and not everyone has pre-Coronavirus group involvement to fall back on.  I’ve specifically focused below on options where people can ring for a “chat” or support (as opposed to advice lines), but please let me know if you are aware of other options!

  • QuarantineChat is one solution which connects people who are stuck at home.
  • Silverline and Call in Time are befriending services for older adults.
  • The Silverlining Brain Injury Charity offers some local Whatsapp groups and Zoom meetings for people with a brain injury.
  • Check out community/town Facebook pages as some groups are trying to connect people who are struggling with isolation.
  • Childline is a support line for children struggling to cope.
  • Children North East offers peer support and mental health support.
  • The Samaritans is a support line for adults struggling to cope.


3.  Want to get fit?  Free options for exercising at home (plus solutions if you are sitting at your desk too much).


4.  Want to eat healthier?  Here are some fantastic healthy recipes, learn-to-cook websites and a meal delivery service you can try.


5.  Home schooling?  Here’s the curriculum compiled by Skint Dad Community Facebook Group if  your clients have children they need to keep occupied during the day.


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